Rachel Oliveti

Rachel Oliveti

My name is Rachel and I am a Manager at Everyday Living, I work alongside Nicola Curtis.

My journey working at Everyday Living began because I have a passion for children and Young People with special needs.

My passion began when my son Luca was born in 2001 – he was such a bright young boy but he was certainly different! Lots of energy but his communication was somewhat limited. It became apparent early on that he was different - my special boy. He was soon to be diagnosed with ADHD and later had a diagnosis of Autism.

At age 7 he acquired pneumocol meningitis, encephalitis and Septicaemia. Although he was very poorly he pulled through, but unfortunately a year later he developed epilepsy. His seizure control is poor, he is on multiple medications and he has had two Vagal Nerve Stimulators inserted over the last 5 years.

He attended mainstream up to year 5 but as his behaviour deteriorated it was decided that main stream school could no longer meet his needs and were asked to look for alternative provision.

This was no easy task, finding a school to suit his needs was difficult but eventually we came across a wonderful residential ASD school in Derbyshire where he has been attending for the best part of 6 years.

But where and what will happen when he begins his transition into adulthood?? And this is where my journey began at Everyday Living. I am passionate about the future of these young teenagers and can see that a lot of parents are crying out for support as their young people turn into adults.

My aim is to reach out to these young people and enrich the lives and offer support to other parents.

So how am I qualified I hear you say! Well I’m not – I am just simply a parent with some years of experience dealing with the challenges that our children can bring.

However, I am medically trained to use emergency medications, first aid and have worked as a volunteer within a special school.

I also began a support group along with 2 other mums for parents with children of ADHD, this has been fully supported for a number of years by ADHD Solutions. I still attend this group as a parent.

I have attended various courses for Autism, Asperger’s, and ADHD and continue to gain knowledge.

Luca also has a diagnosis of psychosis so this brings a lot of challenging, and often aggressive behaviour. Therefore, I am often attending CAMHS appointments and seeking courses to help his behaviour and thought process.

I hope that my experience will help other young people like Luca.

Our objectives at Everyday Living is to offer a safe, secure happy environment, where the young people can thrive and grow into confident happy adults.

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